The Representation and Transformation of Literary Landscapes

The present volume, The Representation and Transformation of Literary Landscapes, stems from the 4th AISLI conference (Associazione Italiana per lo Studio delle Letterature in Inglese Italian Association for the Study of Literatures in English), held in Lecce on 2-4 June 2005. It follows the publication of Step Across This Line (eds. A. Contenti, M. P. Guarducci, P. Splendore, Cafoscarina 2004), a significant collection of essays focusing on the specificity of postcolonial literary texts and the strategies employed in reading them. The red thread connecting AISLI's activities from its official foundation in 2000 to the present, has been able to infuse its original project with an ongoing capacity to stimulate new perspectives and research, while remaining faithful to its roots and beginnings'. The project at the core of the Lecce Conference moved along the same path, concentrating on the tracing and transforming of landscapes, both from a critical and a literary angle.

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