Selected Paper 2 - Italian Association for Chinese Studies

T.Pellin  G.Trentin, Preface

V.Almonte,Zhou Qufei’s Work and his Historical Value

S.Ambrogio, Does Chinese Philosophy Lack Universality? A Path from Early Western Interpretations to Mou Zongsan

M.Codeluppi, History, Memory, Exile

O.De Nigris,The Development of Contemporary Art Museums in China

G.Falato, The Influence of Zhu Xi on Alfonso Vagnone’s Tongyou Jiaoyu

S.Gallo,Translating the Self

A.Iezzi, “Chinese Style Graffiti” by the Kwan-Yin Clan

E.Macr, What Is ‘New Shanshuihua’?

D.Massaccesi, Italians “Made in China”

M.Meccarelli, An Overview of the Latest Theories on the Origin and Evolution of  Long, the Chinese Dragon

G.Negro, A Historical Perspective on the Chinese Information Society and Internet Governance

L.Pisano, Rewriting Memories

G.Tola, The John Fryer Papers

A.Tosco, Like “An Upturned Basin”

C.Turini, Aetiology of Disease and the Process of Divination

M.Turriziani, The “Three Heroes” of the Italian Risorgimento in Kang Youwei’s Yidali Youji: A Celebration of Cavour

L.Vantaggiato, Some Remarks about Mencius’ Theory of Human Nature in the Xúnzĭ

T.Zappone, The Evolution of the Chinese Government Spokesperson System and the “Right to Know”

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Tommaso Pellin, Giorgio Trentin
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