Marcella Simoni

A Healthy Nation. Zionist Health Policies in British Palestine

In this innovative research, the social organization of health is used to investigate patterns of nation- and state-building in Palestine during the British Mandate (1922-1948). While that was the last time the country was united under a single government, the foundation of future divisions were also laid in those years. This book focuses on how the Zionist movement consolidated its hold on the country by imposing western notions of health and medicine on a society in which they were largely absent. Through the study of a large body of evidence, the author shows the connection between the medical and the political construction of a healthy nation and state, based on the introduction of western medical categories such as hygiene, sanity, cleanliness (and their opposites). These were not neutral technical notions, but indispensable parts of the ideological construct of a healthy nation, the ideal of social progress through bodily and spiritual renewal. The effort to create such nation gave the Zionist movement a strong ideological justification to change the realities on the ground in Palestine, and also the tools to interpret a changing political and national reality.

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Marcella Simoni
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