Marcella Simoni

At the Margins of Conflict. Social perspectives on Arabs and Jews in British Palestine (1922-1948)

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict deepens its roots in the period of the British Mandate (1922-1948). The British tried to rule Palestine as a united country, as they were convinced they would create a shared Palestinian identity between Jews and Arabs. At the same time, Zionist Jews and Palestinian Arabs were developing their opposed national projects. Ever since, the ensuing Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been framed and understood in national terms and as a competition for land and resources. In this book, Marcella Simoni focuses on some social groups that appeared at the margins of this process that were considered marginal subjects, but that participated in full to process of national separation taking place in the country during the thirty years of the Mandate. Through a vast and detailed archival research, the author sheds light on the lives of these otherwise forgotten people, and shows how the nationalist project of the Zionist group resulted also from a process of social unification and cultural homogenization informed by a number of orientalist assumptions and attitudes towards Jews of non-European provenance.

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Marcella Simoni
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