Beta Israel: the Jews of Ethiopia and Beyond. History, Identity and Borders

This volume brings together a selection of papers that were presented in two international conferences hosted by SOSTEJE (Society for the Study of Ethiopian Jewry) held in Florence in October 2007 and in Gondar, Ethiopia in November 2009. It focuses around the issues of history, identity and borders concerning the "Beta Israel" (Jews of Ethiopia). The "Beta Israel" practised ancient Jewish rites, which were quite different from Rabbinic lore, and their performance of liturgy was characterized by distinct, unique musical phenomena. The authors come from a wide range of disciplines, including anthropology, literature, ethno-musicology and Jewish studies granting the volume a unique interdisciplinary perspective. This collection provides a novel view of different and evolving identities of the "Beta Israel" from the early twentieth century till today, fanning out from a Hebraic-type of Judaism, to a loosely-defined view of Judaism, as expressed by other groups who regard the Beta Israel as their role model.

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